Who can use

QuizzyBox is beneficial for academic institutes primarily. While It allows Quiz Maker to build their own question bank it also helps Quiz Takers to evaluate their own performance. Additionally, HR, Recruiters, Banks, Public and Private sector companies can also use QuizzyBox for evaluating an employee or candidate’s skills.

The Features & Functionalities The Quiz Maker And Taker Can Benefit From Are:

Quiz Maker

Create Online Quiz, Add Questions, Define Quiz Settings, Manage Participants, Create Participant Groups, Assess Participants

Quiz Taker

Search Quizzes, Attempt Quizzes, View Result

User – Academic Institutes

Academic institutes can use QuizzyBox to upload a wide range of questions. Teachers can coin questions with the option to choose single or multiple answers. The questionnaire can be prepared on various subjects and can be easily uploaded. These test carry ratings based on the complexity of the questionnaire. Therefore, once the test is over, performance reports can be generated to evaluate the participant’s knowledge level. Teachers can create tests for one time or frequent quiz takers and even conduct open book assessment. In a nutshell QuizzyBox allows both the teacher and the participants to compile, learn and evaluate their performance on a user friendly Quizzing platform.

User – Banking Sector

QuizzyBox has proven quintessential in the banking sector. The Quizzing platform QuizzyBox offers, helps assess the skills of employees, senior staff member or candidates applying for jobs in the banking sector. The HR or talent acquisition team can assign an administrator to carry out the quizzes based on user requirement. The administrator or quiz maker can store the questions in the question bank or add questions while creating the quiz. The quiz can be created to check the skillset of a candidate required in the banking sector.

User – IT Firms

Though updating and enhancing operative skills is a necessity in every industry, it is however imperative that employees in IT firms keep themselves updated with the necessary skills. With easy and simple to use Quizzing platform, assessment tests can be taken repeatedly using QuizzyBox. Employees can attempt practise tests innumerable times. Therefore, without any limitations the assessments can be reviewed after every attempt made by the participant. A detailed performance report can be generated too for better evaluation and assessment of participant’s performance.

User – Any Business Purpose

QuizzyBox offers a quizzing platform that can be used by any individual. It serves as a means for anyone to share and sell their quiz questions online. No matter what industry you are from you can use this quizzing platform to market or sell you product. Quiz makers can customize, create and promote their quiz interface. Using QuizzyBox, anybody can manage the question bank, create and assign a quiz to participants. With easily downloadable performance reports, a participant can assess and evaluate their performance anytime.