QuizzyBox is a professional online tool designed to host quizzes on different subject for single or numerous users with ease. An easy to use application, QuizzyBox does not require a lot of training and can be used by anyone willing to conduct and evaluate an online quiz.

Customized Domain Name

You can create your own domain name. While registering for QuizzyBox, a sub-domain as per user request is assigned. The user can also customize a domain name that suits their business requirement.


You can customize the look and feel of the quizzing platform with similar colour schemes and logo as seen on the parent website. You can customize the QizzyBox logo by uploading your business logo on the quizzing platform to showcase your organisation. You can also change the theme of the quizzing platform with the inbuilt themes available on the interface. You can also contact us to customize the theme as per your preference.


Using API you can capture the data on your website or web-server with ease. You can use the same Username and Password while using the quizzing platform that allows you to easily export quiz details back to your parent website.

Manage Users

You can manage the use of the quizzing platform by different users such as the quiz maker and quiz taker. The admin user can control the access given to the user in QuizzyBox interface. The access given for quiz maker and quiz taker differs. You can add single user or bulk users and manage the user group by adding new groups. You can add or remove the users anytime.

Create Questions

You can create or add questions to the quizzing platform. The question can be stored in the question bank. Using the add questions option in the interface, you can create six different types of questions that are:

  • Multiple Choice – Single Selection
  • Multiple Choice – Multiple Selection
  • True or False
  • Fill Ups
  • Review Material Type (as PDF)
  • Comprehension Type

The questions added can contain simple text, equations or images. This feature makes the process of creating quizzes easier. As you can select the questions and add them to the quiz.


You can easily store and manage any number of questions using the question bank. The questions can be categorised in agreement with the subject and stored accordingly. While creating the quiz you can use the questions from the question bank. QuizzyBox can automatically choose the questions from the question bank depending on the subject you wish to emphasize on while creating the quiz. You can also add the questions manually or import the excel sheet with questions while preparing the quiz.


You can completely customize and create the quiz as per your requirement. You can order the questions randomly, emphasize on the subject, allow retakes, set timer, set number of questions and more. It is easy to upload and save the questions in QuizzyBox and it can be used whenever required. You can use the vast range of questions in the question bank to prepare the quiz. The questions can be added manually by handpicking from the question bank. These questions can be imported on a predefined excel sheet. You can create different types of quizzes that include multiple choice questions, fill in the blank, true / false, etc. The quiz created can be attempted as a practice quiz by the participant to assess his / her knowledge in a specific subject which is similar to end-exam. Creating online quiz with QuizzyBox is simple and time saving process.


It is easy for the examiner to assess the performance of participants through QuizzyBox. It saves time and reduces paper-work involved in evaluating the quizzes. You can manage the participant details, quiz history, and see the participants score and rank. The evaluation process for many quiz takers is easy as the quiz results are accurate. You can also see the participants ranking order after the quiz and compare their scores. It is an error-free and a simplified platform to assess the skill of the participant in a hassle-free way.

Review Quiz

You can review the question bank, the quizzes and the results.

Performance Report

The performance report of the quiz taker can be seen once they complete the quiz. The report is similar to certificate and the quiz takers can download them. The report also shows the quiz takers performance for a specific quiz.