QuizzyBox makes lessons and tests seem fun. Now you can easily manage, conduct and evaluate quizzes.

Easily create and customize your quizzes online. Reduce paperwork. Conduct and evaluate a quiz in a simpler manner.

Just follow these simple steps to build your own quizzing platform:

Step : 1

Create Question Bank

You can easily upload, store and manage questions. Use question bank to create quizzes.

Step : 2

Create Online Quiz

You can create and customize practice and assessment quizzes for evaluation.

Step : 3

Assess Participants

You can assess the performance of an individual by generating a report. The assessment is simple, accurate and time saving.

Step : 4

Performance Report

You can analyze the performance of an individual. The quiz taker can also generate report of their performance in a certificate format.

Welcome to QuizzyBox

QuizzyBox can help plan, share and curate learning. Form your own question bank to build and develop data on various subjects. Easily categorize the questions based on the subject and level of complexity. QuizzyBox is a boon in assessing and eLearning thereby tracking the participants’ knowledge level.

A wide range of users can benefit from QuizzyBox such as schools, colleges, companies, banks, public and private sector. The user can conduct online quiz and assess the skill of the participant, who can be a student, teacher, employee, etc. The user can create practice quiz that can be helpful in assessing the participant before the original quiz. With QuizzyBox it’s easy to manage the examiner and participant details, organize quiz on any subject, maintain the quiz history and store the quiz questions.